milk_shake perfect blowdry (Valentines Edition)


what is milk_shake perfect blowdry?

milk_shake whipped cream is a no-rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types. 

milk_shake® lifestyling blow-dry primer, pre-styling lotion for hair.

milk_shake dry shampoo is a special powder-based formula which absorbs accumulated sebum on the hair and counteracts the shine, flatness and odor of greasy hair, which tends to look dirty. 




how do you use milk_shake perfect blowdry?

milk_shake® whipped cream: shake can well. Point can downward and can bottom upwards and dispense a golf size ball into your hand. Emulsify and apply to mid -length to ends. Comb for even product distribution. Apply desired styling product for hold. Proceed with styling.

milk_shake® lifestyling blowdry primer: dose the necessary quantity. Apply to clean, damp hair and proceed with the desired style.

milk_shake® lifestyling dry shampoo: shake before use. Spray onto roots, wait a few moments and style using hands or a brush. 

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