milk_shake color maintainer conditioner flower


what is milk_shake color maintainer conditioner flower?

It is a conditioning cream for color-treated hair that is suitable for vegans and ideal for maintaining the beauty and vitality of colored hair. It is formulated to maintain the hair’s optimal moisture balance and protect color radiance. It contains soy proteins that is particularly efficient on damaged, dry and dull hair, they help to repair damaged hair. Moringa Oleifera extract has emollient and hydrating properties for the hair and scalp, with a high vitamin and mineral content. milk_shake color maintainer conditioner flower is enriched with Integrity 41® that gives hair shine and helps to protect hair color over time. The fresh, sweet floral notes give an exquisite fragrance to the range, celebrating nature in all its beauty and simplicity.

what does it do?

Maintains hair's optimal moisture balance and protects color radiance.


who is it for?

milk_shake® color care flower power products are for anyone wanting to preserve, protect and hydrate their color, both artificial and/or natural and looking for vegan hair care.

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