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milk_shake glistening team (Valentines Edition)


what is milk_shake glistening team?

milk_shake glistening spray is a polishing spray for frizzy hair. Leaves hair glossy, eliminates static and makes dry hair more manageable. Contains date palm extract and crambe oil for soft, manageable hair and helps maintain optimal hydration. Leaves hair soft, vibrant and shiny. 

milk_shake glistening milk is a versatile product that specifically eliminates frizz, giving hair instant hydration and shine.

milk_shake dry shampoo is a special powder-based formula which absorbs accumulated sebum on the hair and counteracts the shine, flatness and odor of greasy hair, which tends to look dirty. 



how do you use milk_shake glistening team?

milk_shake® glistening milk: massage into clean and towel dried hair. Do not rinse. Comb and proceed with styling. It is recommended to apply it again after styling to improve the look of hair and enhance curl definition.

milk_shake® glistening spray: lightly spray at a distance of 8 - 12 inches after styling

milk_shake® lifestyling dry shampoo: shake before use. Spray onto roots, wait a few moments and style using hands or a brush. 

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